Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heads, arms and legs, OH MY!

Room 9 looked like an artsy version of Santa's workshop for the next several days as students worked on various body parts.  These mixed-media sculptures developed from the thoughtful application of different fabrics, acrylic paints, and discarded cones from the RI Recycling Center.   
   In these photos, there are works in progress by Noelle and Kaitlyn as well as Elias and Michaela B. Maybe your pieces are there, too!
Try to guess which characters they are making!


Bostonpoopscoop said...

It's great to see all of this "stuff" turned into fun and fantastic pieces of art! Looks like you've definitely been busy creating :)

one little deer said...

Thanks for checking in! This lesson was a ton of work, but the payoff was huge! I love to use "free junk" to make cool stuff! RI Recycling center is awesome!