Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Here is another view from the group display on the bulletin board.  I noticed that there are several really cool shapes in this section. 

Look closely to see if you can find these things:
A star, two lizards, a mask face, a peace sign, a snake's eye, four ringing bells and two spades. 
Let me know if you see something that I missed!

I like the way that Spencer L. used large areas of black around his colored areas.  His art is in the upper left corner and includes the star shape. This was a great way to be original but still meet the requirements for this assignment. Well done!


Leah said...

i see to strawberrys!

P.S. see Mrs.D i told you that i would follow!

one little deer said...

Great observation! Today I saw two raindrops that I didn't see before!

Leah said...