Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is a photo of me with my nephew Daniel at his 8th birthday party a few weeks ago. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday present, he was being silly and told me that he wanted a pet rock! Several weeks went by and I bet he thought that I would forget about the pet rock idea. You know I love to have fun, so as a joke, I painted this rock that I got from the beach . I gave it a crazy green texture and huge eyes with a wide toothy grin. I added a velvet bed and water and food cups to complete the set. I put it in a box, wrapped it up and gave it to Daniel with the rest of his gifts. The look on his face was priceless when he pulled "Rockie" out from his box!
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Nick said...

Hey Mrs. D,
That is hilarious! I love the face. I love painting on rocks, usually I put inspirational words or a scenery on the rock, but I love the face!

one little deer said...

Do you think I'm a "Mean Auntie" for teasing him like that?! He got what he asked for and I had a lot of fun painting the rock!

Jessica said...

Hmmm....looks vaguely familiar to certain "rocks" from our childhood - very cute!

joshsgram said...

Having been there, I can testify to the total happiness of the birthday boy! You are always thinking of great ways to create art, Jana, and any student would be lucky to have you!! Keep making terrific stuff!!!