Friday, September 17, 2010

All About Me!

In this picture, Ethan is working on outlining his drawing for the lesson I call, "All About Me."  I like to teach this lesson as a fun way to get to know my students better at the beginning of a new quarter.  I ask each student to complete a worksheet where they answer a few simple questions about the things they like to do, their favorite foods, their favorite place, etc. 
     The students work on using overlapping shapes to make the composition more interesting.  Overlapping shapes go in front of or behind each other.  The composition of a picture is the way that the artist chooses to organize all of the parts in the picture.  
     I also required that they fill up the paper with drawings that were a variety of sizes.  Using a variety of sizes means that some things are big, some are medium and some are small.  Using variety in an artwork helps to make the picture interesting to look at. 
Let's see how this assignment progresses in the next few posts!


Anonymous said...

I really like this art idea!!

Do you have instructions/ a lesson plan that teach the students how to create this?

one little deer said...

Hi, I made a worksheet that asks the student to answer questions about themself. These answers are translated into the images they used in their artwork. I do not post my original worksheets...just images of my original lessons! :)