Monday, September 27, 2010

Group Display

This is the other half of the bulletin board.  Nice work!

Group Display

Each of these pictures looks great alone, but check
out the impact they have when they're displayed together!

All About Dan

This great picture is loaded with all sorts of cool stuff that Daniel
R. likes. There is no doubt that he's really into sports! Take a
closer look and you'll see that he has other interests like music and
eating fast food and tacos!

Ciara's Kangaroo

Ciara and I go way back; in fact we go all
the way back to first grade!
It is great to see kids like her that were
my students years ago when I was
teaching at Holliman and Christopher Rhodes.
Not much has changed since she was little;
Ciara still loves Art class!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Claudia's Chipmunk

This picture by Claudia D. has it all!

She drew a beautiful chipmunk holding a giant cookie
and then added tons of great objects that are all about her.
Check out the way she shows light, medium and dark
values in her crayon coloring!

Kyle's Monkey

This picture by Kyle O. totally cracks me up!

The monkey is so big that he dominates the rest
of the composition. Kyle liked the idea of
representing himself as a monkey because his
family runs a tree service and he likes to
work with his Dad.

Derrick's frog

   This frog looks like he's on a mission! 
    I wonder where he's headed?

Gabe's musk ox

This is a close up of Gabe D.'s musk ox. I think it's cool because it is listening to an I-pod and has a NY Yankees tattoo!
On his assessment worksheet, Gabe wrote that he chose to represent himself as a musk ox because "It's big and it likes to eat".
Sounds like a great answer to me!

Leah's Horse

In this finished picture, Leah has given the viewer plenty to look at! Her drawings show many areas that overlap. The horse is the focus of her work because she drew it in the center of the composition.

Kyle's Pegasus

After we outlined all of the pencil lines, we used crayons
to color in all of the objects. Then we applied watercolor
paints using the wet-on-wet method.
Kyle H. is adding a multi-colored background
around the pegasus that represents him
in this picture.

Friday, September 17, 2010

All About Me!

In this picture, Ethan is working on outlining his drawing for the lesson I call, "All About Me."  I like to teach this lesson as a fun way to get to know my students better at the beginning of a new quarter.  I ask each student to complete a worksheet where they answer a few simple questions about the things they like to do, their favorite foods, their favorite place, etc. 
     The students work on using overlapping shapes to make the composition more interesting.  Overlapping shapes go in front of or behind each other.  The composition of a picture is the way that the artist chooses to organize all of the parts in the picture.  
     I also required that they fill up the paper with drawings that were a variety of sizes.  Using a variety of sizes means that some things are big, some are medium and some are small.  Using variety in an artwork helps to make the picture interesting to look at. 
Let's see how this assignment progresses in the next few posts!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is a photo of me with my nephew Daniel at his 8th birthday party a few weeks ago. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday present, he was being silly and told me that he wanted a pet rock! Several weeks went by and I bet he thought that I would forget about the pet rock idea. You know I love to have fun, so as a joke, I painted this rock that I got from the beach . I gave it a crazy green texture and huge eyes with a wide toothy grin. I added a velvet bed and water and food cups to complete the set. I put it in a box, wrapped it up and gave it to Daniel with the rest of his gifts. The look on his face was priceless when he pulled "Rockie" out from his box!
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relief sculptures

These are some of the amazing mixed-media relief sculptures that my students created from one of the shape creatures they developed in the first part of the lesson. A relief sculpture is flat on the back and raised up on the front. I had the students build their sculptures on top of a 16 x 20 canvas panel. This way I knew that it would be strong enough to handle all of the media that we would be using! We used a variety of supplies on this project, including scrap wood, chipboard, found objects, beads, wire, magazine collage and paints.

The incredible art featured here was created by Alex, Jarrison, Dylan and Shannon. (Left to right)
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